Tips To Deciding The Right Rental For You

Buying a house in Penang is still something that you cannot afford yet. With living expenses being so high nowadays, you try to minimize all costs as much as possible. Therefore you decide to look for house for rent in Penang and start comparing prices in order score a cheaper deal for yourself and find the perfect rental home. This guide will tell you the tips in deciding the right rental for you.

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1. Know what you want

Before you start browsing around looking for a house for rent in Penang, ask yourself what do you want and what are you looking for exactly. This would save you on lots of hassles at the later step. What kind of house are you planning to rent in Penang? Are you looking for condominium unit, apartment unit, terrace house or a bungalow? What is the preferred size? How many bedrooms would you prefer? Is parking space a concern for you? Is privacy your main concern? Is the place pet friendly? Is safety the most important thing you look out for when deciding a place to rent? Do some research on rental properties in your preferred area to give you a rough idea on how much your budget should be. Prioritize on your criteria then make a list and narrow down your choices.

2. Deciding on a budget

After deciding on which kind of house that you are looking for to rent in Penang, it is time do draw up on a budget. Consider your budget and your needs. Determine a price range that you will be able to pay monthly. Be realistic and stay within your budget. As a rule of thumb, you should not spend more than one third of your monthly income in paying for rental. Keep in mind that there are other expenses that you need to take into account, such as transportation, electricity and water bills, internet, insurance, entertainment fund, traveling fund and savings. Therefore, do your planning and plan your budget ahead because you do not want to get yourself into debts. If you are engaging a real estate agent in searching for a place to rent, do let them know your budget, priorities and what you are looking for, so they will be able to come up with a list of houses that fall within your budget, specifications and needs. If the place that you like does not fit your budget, look for another house to rent in Penang. Keep on looking until you find the right one.

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Figure Out The Actual Rental Cost

Wanting a place of your own but could not afford to buy your first property in Singapore yet? Properties in Singapore along with living expenses are expensive and you cannot afford to get yourself a property in Singapore just yet. Therefore you decide to rent an apartment in Singapore. But how much should you pay for renting an apartment in Singapore? What is the actual rental cost of apartment for rent in Singapore? Before renting an apartment in Singapore that you can afford, it is crucial to figure out the actual cost of renting an apartment in Singapore to avoid from paying more than what you should. The basic rule of thumb, be realistic and set realistic budget within your means to save you from disappointment.

Rental Cost

First and foremost, use the rental calculator to check for the rent affordability of the apartment for rent in Singapore. Just key in your monthly net income, monthly expenses, monthly savings, monthly debts, and the location of your desired apartment into the provided columns and the calculator will do the rest. The results will then suggest the rental cost that you can afford comfortably with apartment listings within the range for you to decide. Definitely a life saver if I may say so.

Next, you have to know that the amount that you will be paying is more than just rental cost for the apartment itself in Singapore. Let us just face the reality. Nothing is free and everything costs money. Take into account the necessities that you need in your daily life, such as transportation costs, e.g.: transit fees, car payment, car insurance, petrol, health fees, renters insurance, credit card bills, tuition fee loan payment, cellphone, Wi-Fi, groceries expenses and utilities. In addition, the leisure needs for yourself, such as gym membership fees, shopping, daily caffeine fix, Friday’s night happy hour, Netflix and etcetera. All these can add up to quite a huge amount if you do not plan your budget wisely, which will then affect the next point that I will go into – savings. Having a saving is crucial as it might help you through difficult times in case of any events that happen unpredictably. Therefore, bear in mind that is is important for you to have a saving. It does not matter how much but at least have a portion of your monthly income fix for your savings plan or investment account every month to tide you through unpredictable events in the future.

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Konsert Fenomena 30 Tahun SEARCH


Adakah anda peminat kumpulan rock yang pada suatu ketika dahulu popular iaitu SEARCH ? Pasti semua golongan kenal dan meminati lagu-lagu dari kumpulan rock SEARCH ini.Apabila sebut je SEARCH  ,mesti korang semua masih ingat lagu-lagu seperti Isabella,Fenomena dan Gadisku. Lagu-lagu tersebut antara yang paling popular dari dahulu sehingga sekarang dan masih berkumandang di corong-corong radio tempatan.

Sedikit Maklumat Tentang Search

SEARCH ialah sebuah kugiran muzik yang dikenali sebagai salah sebuah pelopor muzik rock dalam bidang muzik arus perdana Malaysia semenjak dekad 1980-an. Semenjak dibentuk pada tahun 1981, kugiran ini telah menghasilkan lebih 20 album studio yang terjual laris, berpuluh-puluh lagu yang disambut hangat di corong radio, puluhan lagi konsert yang sering terjual habis tiketnya, sepanjang sejarah mencecah tiga dekad dalam industri muzik Malaysia, menjadikan mereka antara kugiran rock yang terunggul di Malaysia sepanjang tahun 1980-an dan 1990-an.

Berita baik untuk semua peminat SEARCH,Konsert Fenomena 30 Tahun SEARCH akan berlangsung di kawasan berhampiran anda seperti berikut :-

  • 19 November (5pm) – Penang, Stadium Batu Kawan.
  • 3 Disember (5pm)- Johor Bahru, Stadium Larkin.
  • 17 Disember (5pm)- Kuala Lumpur, Padang Astaka. (PJ)

Maklumat tentang tiket (di stesen Petronas atau dan konsert Fenomena 30 Tahun SEARCH ini boleh klik banner di bawah :-

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