Tutorial Install WordPress Menggunakan Installatron


Setelah mengetahui cara-cara menginstall wordpress melalui Tutorial Install WordPress Menggunakan Fantastico dan Tutorial Install WordPress Menggunakan Softaculous,kali ni saya nak tunjukkan pula bagaimana untuk install wordpress menggunakan Installatron.Boleh juga lihat di blog bro khidhir di install wordpress menggunakan installatron

Sebelum memulakan Tutorial Install WordPress Menggunakan Installatron ini,lebih baik kita mengenali dahulu apa itu Installatron.

Installatron is a multi-platform application installer that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting web applications. Installatron is available as a plug-in for popular web hosting control panels.

Applications provided by Installatron are many and cover a broad number of categories. Common categories include:

Web content management systems
Shopping cart software
Photo sharing

A full list of applications and versions is available from the developer.

In 2008, it was made possible to activate Installatron for free for a single domain while maintaining all the functionality.

In 2009, Windows support was made available, adding support for the Parallels Plesk Windows and cPanel Enkompass web hosting control panels.

Other similar software such as Fantastico (web hosting) or APS Repository exists.

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