Tips To Deciding The Right Rental For You

Buying a house in Penang is still something that you cannot afford yet. With living expenses being so high nowadays, you try to minimize all costs as much as possible. Therefore you decide to look for house for rent in Penang and start comparing prices in order score a cheaper deal for yourself and find the perfect rental home. This guide will tell you the tips in deciding the right rental for you.

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1. Know what you want

Before you start browsing around looking for a house for rent in Penang, ask yourself what do you want and what are you looking for exactly. This would save you on lots of hassles at the later step. What kind of house are you planning to rent in Penang? Are you looking for condominium unit, apartment unit, terrace house or a bungalow? What is the preferred size? How many bedrooms would you prefer? Is parking space a concern for you? Is privacy your main concern? Is the place pet friendly? Is safety the most important thing you look out for when deciding a place to rent? Do some research on rental properties in your preferred area to give you a rough idea on how much your budget should be. Prioritize on your criteria then make a list and narrow down your choices.

2. Deciding on a budget

After deciding on which kind of house that you are looking for to rent in Penang, it is time do draw up on a budget. Consider your budget and your needs. Determine a price range that you will be able to pay monthly. Be realistic and stay within your budget. As a rule of thumb, you should not spend more than one third of your monthly income in paying for rental. Keep in mind that there are other expenses that you need to take into account, such as transportation, electricity and water bills, internet, insurance, entertainment fund, traveling fund and savings. Therefore, do your planning and plan your budget ahead because you do not want to get yourself into debts. If you are engaging a real estate agent in searching for a place to rent, do let them know your budget, priorities and what you are looking for, so they will be able to come up with a list of houses that fall within your budget, specifications and needs. If the place that you like does not fit your budget, look for another house to rent in Penang. Keep on looking until you find the right one.

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3. Location

Is the place that you are looking for close to the place where you work? Or is it close to your university? Is the place close to a supermarket for you to do some grocery shopping? Consider the location and consider how long it will take you to get to work from your new home. Think about the places that you go on a regular basis and do the calculations on how much money you will be spending on transportation alone if you were to rent the place. In addition, if you have school children, it is advisable to stay close to the school that your children attend, as it would be easier for you to send and fetch your children on a daily basis. Time is gold and you certainly do not want to spend 30 minutes on commuting daily and be stuck in a massive traffic jam.

4. Safety

The most important factor when it comes to deciding the right rental for yourself or with your family: safety. This is a factor that you should not ignore. The place may be cheap, beautiful or convenient or it has all the criteria that you are looking out for, but if it is not safe, it is not advisable to rent the place. Check on the security of the place if you plan to rent and stay in a condominium to see if there is a 24 hour security surveillance or card access security. Do your research on the crime rates of the area and what are the common crimes committed in your area. The best would be to stay away from crime areas and choose a different location to stay. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Is it a home or just a house?

Lastly, go by your feelings. Ask yourself does the place give you a homey feeling? Is it more than just a house? If your answers to these two questions is a yes, that is when you know you found the right place to rent. After all, this is going to be a place where you spend most of your time after work. You definitely do not want to feel like you do not belong here after a tired long day of work.

In conclusion, the rental market offers many advantages, especially for people who do not want to worry and be tied down with responsibilities for loan payment, repairs and maintenance. Also, do not rush into things when you are looking for a place to rent in Penang. Take some time to do your research and planning to find yourself the perfect rental in Penang, even if it is only for a short term lease. The early bird catches the worm, so start early to make sure you get the best deal. Most importantly, be realistic and stay within your budget, it might not be perfect, but it will certainly be good enough.

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